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Gifts for content

November 20, 2008 by · Leave a Comment
Filed under: Affiliate Marketing 

With websites the old saying “Content is King” still rings true and always will. If you can provide plenty of unique content that is better than is on offer from any other website then you will (well hopefully should) see yourself rising to the top with your rankings.

Now employing content writers is one way to help with this task as this opens up new perspectives on a subject and different writing styles helping keep things from sounding too “samey”. If you get to a stage where you have so many sites that it is impossible to be writing content for them all due to there not being enough hours in the day then content writers is the natural way to go.

However there is some cases where you have quite a niche area would happily write content all day long but you just don’t personally have enough unique content in you to be able to and also employing content writers also isn’t really an option.

As an example I run a driving experience review site, unfortunately it’s quite hard to go out and find professional content writers who have actually been on a real driving experience day so I had to take a slightly different tack and posted on some of the car related forums that I post on requesting write ups of driving experiences in exchange for a freebie/gift.

The results have actually been quite good although as with most things I would of liked more responses.

In exchange for the write-ups I sent out different rewards, as an example the best review I have so far received was sent a Picoz RC Helicopter while others have received personalised mugs.

While I’m on the subject, if anyone reading this has done a driving experience such as the type of thing you can buy from Buyagift then send me a message and we can sort you a reward for a write-up :)