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MESHed about by Mesh Computers

December 1, 2008 by · Leave a Comment
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This is a post I’ve been meaning to get put up for a couple of weeks now but haven’t got round to doing so.

I finally ordered myself a new computer from Mesh Computers on Friday 7th November after taking an age to decide on which one to get. As I knew Christmas was coming and I was after the computer sooner rather than later I opted and paid (it’s £39.99 for fast track) for the fast track build which would give me “GUARANTEED” 3-5 working days for delivery!

MESHed abotu by Mesh Computers

MESHed about by Mesh Computers

I received a call and an email to confirm delivery would be Friday 14th November. So Friday comes and I wait in to make sure I’m here for delivery, come 4pm I decide to ring and then only get rung back at around 5.30pm to tell me that the computer hasn’t been dispatched yet as it’s still in testing.
So much for that GUARANTEED 3-5 days I’ve paid extra for!

So after much ranting and raving on my end about the situation and not getting anywhere very fast about how I’d paid all this extra and also made sure I was in all day I was told delivery would be Tuesday at the earliest.

Monday afternoon comes and I phone to check where my order is up to and I ask to speak to the supervisor so I can express my displeasure at paying £40 for a service that I haven’t actually received. I was then informed that they were still waiting for the graphics card which would of been towards the end of the week and potentially mean it would be another week for delivery, so I ended up having to get a different graphics card just to make sure I didn’t have to wait even longer.

Now I was refunded the cost of the express build and the difference between graphics cards but to me it was the whole principle of the matter about being GUARANTEED something and paying for this guarantee and not receiving it, it’s like me guaranteeing to be able to satisfy my girlfriend after a day on the beer when actually with a few too many Stella’s down my neck there is a very good chance I’m going to actually be fast asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. If you can’t guarantee something then how can you get away with advertising (and charging) for it?!

The computer did finally turn up on the Tuesday although it was missing the 8GB flash drive that was promised to me if I ordered over the phone and not via the website (I had originally planned on buying through my affiliate link but after speak to the online “live support” and bartering them down slightly on the price of the machine I was told I had to ring).

The machine seems pretty good and no problems (touches wood), although the whole Mesh Computers delivery problems have lefty a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, they have absolutely superb online support pre-buying and then failed to deliver and were not as on the ball post getting my money!

I had in-fact been so impressed with the pre-sale help that I even started promoting them through their affiliate program, that has now been stopped due to me not wanting to promote a company who I no longer fully trust so don’t feel I can whole hearted recommend them.

So Mesh Computers, if you can’t Guarantee something then don’t and I wouldn’t be here now having to have my little rant about it, I don’t like being MESHed about!