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Middlewich Salt Gods save you from skidding!

February 6, 2009 by · Leave a Comment
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Well as the snow and ice seems to be the main topic of news at the moment and the fact that councils are running out of the grit and salt they need to spread on the roads to make them safe I thought I’d do a quick blog post on this of how Middlewich is trying to save your bacon (well more stop you from skidding on ice if we want to be precise!)

Mountain of waste Salt being used for the gritting

Mountain of Salt being used for the gritting

Living in Middlewich, Cheshire, we have the British Salt factory on the opposite end of town as we are full of Salt & brine below us, so I thought I’d take a quick wander over and see if everyone is coming to them with their begging bowls (trucks).

I didn’t get too far before I hit the back of the huge line of trucks and lorries all queued up waiting for their turn to get their deposit of the mother load of salt!
British Salt manufacture the table salt we all have week in week out (British Salt have 57% of the UK salt market) and any low grade salt is mounded up in a huge pile and just sits there doing nothing, they have been doing this for 15 years or so I believe.

Queue of wagons waiting for the precious Salt

Queue of wagons waiting for the precious Salt

So just to prove for all those people who are worried that their road is going to be turned into an ice rink there may be a salt god at hand in the form of British Salt to save the day.

Driving past all the lorries it was clear to see that the drivers have been there for hours waiting and waiting, although for one lucky chippy right next to the queue they looked to be doing a brisk trade, no doubt asking if the drivers wanted Salt on their chips ;)

Apparently up to 200 lorries were queued up yesterday and it looked like it was a none stop shift of lorries turning up today as well when I went past with the queue stretching a very long way!