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Buyagift like drunk affiliates!

December 12, 2008 by · 2 Comments
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On Thursday a couple of parcels arrived, one containing 7 standard sized bottle of Bollinger Champagne, I was pretty sure that this was possibly from Buyagift (who I promote through their affiliate programme) before even reading the card as they have over the years supplied me with numerous bottles of Champagne, enough that I could open up my own champagne store or enough to leave me in a permanent state of intoxication from Christmas to Valentines day each year! :)

I got there in the end

I got there in the end

Opening up the second larger box and there was a wooden case with a Jeroboam of Tattinger Champagne (3L). Now a Magnum is twice the size of a standard champagne bottle, the Jeroboam is twice the size of a Magnum or four times the size of a standard bottle of Champers!

It has taken me until today to get my way into the wooden box which was harder than it first looked, but with a bit of creative thinking I got there in the end!

So I have to say (as I probably will be incapable of saying anything after I open the bottle) a huge thank you to Buyagift and inparticularly Graham who has been for me head and shoulders above other affiliate managers for years and also to Dan the MD of Buyagift who are both top blokes, they both know how to treat their affiliates and how to have fun, and lots of it (I’m sure Mr Slots will be wary come May when the next Buyagift incentive winners finally roll into Vegas…)!

"Little" & Large

"Little" & Large

Without going on and on, Buyagift have treated me to some of the most unforgettable experiences I will ever experience over the years, numerous driving experiences, racing yacht trip and two trips to Las Vegas which has included driving supercars out in the Nevada Desert, shooting guns, Indy car driving, helicopter trip through and landing in the Grand Canyon and the chance to do some dog fighting in some small fighter planes!

Also, it was nice to see on Monday, Grahams status on his MSN change to inform that on Monday it was Buyagifts best ever affiliate day for the company so a huge well done guys!

Once again, a huge thank you & Happy Christmas to Graham & Dan and all at Buyagift, it is always a pleasure working with you all, such a nice bunch of people and who I consider some great friends! hic hic…