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Google Checkout discount image with Google Adwords

December 2, 2009 by
Filed under: PPC 

This is probably old news but I don’t recall spotting it before (and yes that is a bit of a rubbish title to the post but it’s as short as I could make it).

I was just doing a search for “cheap cds” just to see who was appearing in the organic and in the Sponsored Links. I noticed one of the Adwords ads had the Google Checkout logo but this one also had an orange bit added to it with $5 Off (even though I was searching Google UK and filtered to pages from the UK)!

Now I’ve seen plenty of the Google Checkout Adwords ads previously but never these ones with any discount part added to them.
The Google Checkout option wasn’t available for UK visitors to this site. I wanted to go through the checkout process to see if it was a special discount just for those clicking on the Sponsored Link or if it was only available to those who paid with Google Checkout.

As I said, I could well be just massively only seeing something that has been around for ages but I’m fairly certain I’ve not spotted the “Discount Google Checkout” Adwords ads before.
I wonder how long before Discount Vouchers are auto applied to the checkouts of merchants sites providing the user clicks through the “Google Checkout” sponsored links?!


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