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Twitter results top Google search

December 11, 2009 by
Filed under: Internet 

So Twitter is now even more important since it appears that Google has started to roll it out into their results for some searches now.

Currently I can only find it showing when I search specific terms that also relate to twitter user names, although it doesn’t show for everyone I’ve searched for.

For example when I search my twitter user name my 2 last tweets show up above all the rest of the organic results, the same occurred when I search various other terms or people such as bitlykierondonoghue (sorry mate, you were the first affiliate name that sprang to mind) and DuncanBannatyne.

The DuncanBannatyne search was interesting as it was auto updating as I sat there watching it, so other peoples mentions of @DuncanBannatyne were appearing in the search within minutes of them being posted (definitely expect people to look at ways of spamming these now, although I’m sure both Twitter and Google have measures in place to reduce this!)



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