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Swine Flu Medicine

April 30, 2009 by
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With Swine Flu not far from everyones noses (hopefully not too close to be honest) with it occupying the main news headlines on TV and in the papers it is little wonder that people are now starting to get a little anxious about it all.

I thought the Avian Bird Flu was bad with birds having the ability to fly but it appears that pigs (yes, the animals that are penned up and wallow in mud) have managed to get their flu virus out there and into humans, which is kind of making me think that perhaps Pigs might actually Fly!

So it was with some relief that I received an email about a Swine Flu Medicine. It looks like Lemsips pharmacists have been working hard and made a new version of their Lemsip Max that is used to deal with our everyday cold and flu symptoms and made a Swine Flu Medicine called Oinksip Max.


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