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Wardy starts to Twitter

February 27, 2009 by
Filed under: Affiliate Marketing 

Well as I always seem to be one of the last to get on the latest “craze” (Facebook, Blogging etc) I have now jumped onto the next one and joined Twitter –

Following a few posts made by Kieron on his blog I finally decided last week to sign up to see what all the fuss was about.

Now, I am still slightly getting my head around it and am certainly not hooked on it but as it’s where many affiliates I know seem to be handing around kicking their feet I shall stick it out and see how useful it is.

At the A4UExpo last year I was at the WordPress SEO optimisation seminar presented by Yoast and I remember him mentioning Twitter as a great place to get new sites or important announcements “out there” and so hopefully I can see what it can offer my affiliate business.

I shall update further when I’ve had a bit more of a play, in the meantime why not follow me, you never know it might be the best thing you do today (or not)…


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